mp3 Download Irving Plaza New York 2/16/2013

mp3 Download Irving Plaza New York 2/16/2013
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Download a zip file with mp3s recorded live at Irving Plaza in New York on 2/16/2013.

Track listing:
01. Hubert's Dream
02. Spanish Highway
03. Dirty Juice
04. Broken Hearted Savior
05. Please Don't Tell Her
06. Wishing Well
07. Beast of Burden
08. Resignation Superman
09. Beautiful
10. Crazy Mary
11. Muhammad Ali
12. I'll Play the Blues for You (feat. Ronnie Baker Brooks)
13. It's Alright (feat. Ronnie Baker Brooks)
14. We Won't Go Back (feat. Ronnie Baker Brooks)
15. Bittersweet
16. Josephina
17. Beautiful Rain
18. Tangerine
19. Seven State Lines
20. Black Beehive
21. Rocksteady
22. Circle
23. Forever Man (feat. Ronnie Baker Brooks)
24. Meet Me at the Bottom (feat. Ronnie Baker Brooks)
25. Hey Delilah (feat. Ronnie Baker Brooks)
26. Conquistador (feat. Ronnie Baker Brooks)
27. Boom Boom (feat. Ronnie Baker Brooks)
28. Blacksnake Moan
29. Sexy and I Know It
30. Voodoo Chile (feat. Ronnie Baker Brooks)


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