Live at Red Rocks 1995 Double CD + DVD

Live at Red Rocks 1995 Double CD + DVD
Product Code: BHTM Live at Red Rocks 1995 CD and DVD
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Here's a recording we found in the archives we thought you diehard fans might enjoy: Audio & video recordings of our 1995 Red Rocks show. Although the audio has been mixed & mastered, the "home-video" feel puts you in the front row for this uncut full length concert (1 hr 52 min). NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE! 
Neckbreaker, Kensington Line, Blue Water, Broken Hearted Savior, Sister Sweetly, Strategem, Magdelina, Bittersweet, Tangerine, Dinner with Ivan, The Moose Song, Poor Miss, Vincent of Jersey, Leaving song, Folsom Prison Blues, Circle, Tomorrow Never Comes, In the Morning, Voodo Chile, Shadowlands, Wearing Only Flowers, It's Alright. 
With special guests Hazel Miller & Nick Forester.

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